The great inspirational moments in my own heart

The great moments always kept in my heart :
I know clearly that the most effort I’ve made for playing up to everyone around me is extremely wrong cuz I don’t wanna get comprehension from those who can’t and who don’t wanna understand me and understand what I’ve done. It makes no sense to try so hard to pursue those I don’t wanna get. I cherish everyone and everything that have walked into my heart in my daily life cuz I always remember that everything happens for a great reason. I keep to be thankful and grateful not only for those who have encouraged and helped me, but also for those who have despised me cuz all those people have given me so much great energy and so many passions to continue every interesting and inspirational day of my life. Keep going on! Come on, I’ve still so many things that I really wanna do and wanna realize in my life!
#On my own way for the pursuit of happiness in my life all over the world# @E.J. LUO




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